August 12th, 2015


"The Mentor"

Hey, all! It's been quiet here, so I hope there are still people around to read and answer.

INFJ gets described over and over as the mentor, the counselor, the nurturer. In my own life I've fallen into a mentoring/advisor role with some of my friends.

On the one hand, I enjoy feeling "of use" in a friendship and I like knowing that my presence/experience/input makes their lives better. But on the other hand, holy shit I don't want that kind of responsibility. I don't trust myself with it. It's gotten to a point where I've noticed that I'm not "falling into" the role so much as I'm setting myself up, even if unconsciously and unintentionally. (But maybe it takes two to tango in that sense? Argh I don't know.)

How do the rest of you hold back from, for a lack of better term, becoming people's free life coach/therapist? How do you establish boundaries and keep your own ego in check?