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Careers? Jobs? Careers?

Hi all! It's me again:)

So I have another couple questions, what are your jobs/careers? I know there are some careers that are recommended for INFJs such as becoming counselors/therapists, or teachers...which are wonderful:) I've considered those careers many times. I just have a question, well more like a set, 1. how did you go about choosing your career/job? 2.Did your personality type influence your decision(I mean like did you change your decision after you figured out what type you were vs. before you knew). Or did you choose a career that wasn't necessarily recommended for your type? 3. Did you have any career aspirations as a child? 4. Are you happy in your profession now? 5.What do you like/dislike about your profession? 6. If you are unhappy, what would your ideal career be?

I'm just curious because I've been so wishy washy about my career choice since I was 5. Originally I wanted to do more things that put me in the spotlight, say like an actress, or singer, some sort of performer or entertainer. Where as now that I'm older, I've decided on the routes of either psychology, psychotherapy, or becoming a criminal profiler(thanks to Criminal Minds for inspiring that).

I hope you're all well. :)

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