Eleiren (lifemovingfwd) wrote in infj_mbti,

Obligatory Intro

Hello all.  I am "E", and INXJ.  Wake me up, shake me like a magic 8-ball, and wait to see if I come up T or F for the day.  I wasn't always INXJ, I used to be INFJ and over time the F faded back and the T developed.  Now it's a pretty even split and seems to stay this way.  I do find that I appreciate the strengths of having that T-side around to draw on.  I live with my partners, an INTJ male and an ISTJ female.  It makes for some interesting watching sometimes!  None of us likes to go out but once in a while, we all think too much and we're all certain we're right and everyone else is wrong. 

Not really here for much but taking up time and reading along.  I didn't want to be rude and just lurk though.
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