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Living Spaces

Since we've had several links on introversion recently, I thought I'd add one more: What does your space say about you?

While interesting, I was kind of put off by this little dig on slide 10--
"Introverts will set up their spaces for their own comfort, but might not even have a spare chair to offer visitors (because, to be honest, they’d rather no one visited)."

Hey, not true! I live alone, and I would love if someone visited. Introverts need company occasionally too! I just need to be in the right mood and know ahead of time so my place is presentable. Admittedly, I have some weird habits because of my constant solitude, though. I have had several people over who commented on my couch because it's flooded with pillows and doesn't look like you can sit on it, but I only put so many pillows on there to keep my cats from laying on the cushions and getting hair all over it which will eventually end up on potential guests! I always say they can move them, but that makes them uncomfortable? Ah, no one gets my logic.

Anyway, thoughts?
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