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Extrovert Partners Versus Introvert Partners

A lot of times typing websites will say that the best possible match for an introvert is an extrovert (and vice versa). I know a few people in here are in long-term, stable relationships with extroverts as well.

I find this extremely counter-intuitive. I don't think I could deal with someone who couldn't really empathize with or understand my need to withdraw once in a while. I realize that there are extroverts who "get it" intellectually, but it still seems inherently unbalanced, like extroverts and introverts crave and give different things. My boyfriend is (I think, it's been a while since he tested) an INFP, in any case he's at least as introverted as me, probably more so.

So how does it work out for you, those of you in relationships with extroverts? Is it a benefit, a drawback, or just different?
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