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Can't Go Home Again

Hi, INFJs. I know this community doesn't see much action anymore, much like livejournal itself, but a recent experience in a much bigger INFJ group on facebook made me miss this place. I don't really know if it was the sheer size of the group or the fact that so many other personality types were in there trolling half the time, but it doesn't feel as useful or helpful as this group.

If anyone is out there still, what are your experiences with being called negative and/or self-centered? (Immature, narcissistic, and butthurt were favorites too. I know, welcome to the internet.) I won't claim I haven't had any of these traits in my life (especially when I was much younger and in lower points of my life), but I'd be interested in hearing some of your perspectives on yourselves and possible weaknesses surrounding these traits. So much "debate" in the other group turned into name-calling and trying to hit people over the head with emotionally-charged "facts" that didn't really lead anywhere in the end, and it's exhausting. I couldn't even really express an opinion about a topic without someone saying my opinion was based on negative assumptions just because I didn't agree with the popular opinion. I'm tired of it, frankly. Maybe I'm part of the problem.

I guess most of what I'm getting at is it's weird to seek out a group of similar people hoping for understanding and the kind of community you used to have and get your hopes completely dashed. Hopefully you understand where I'm coming from. Feel free to chime in.
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