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I'm a big fan of function-speak, though I have a long way to go understanding it still. Consider this: http://www.infj.com/INFJ_iNtuition.htm

INFJs prefer Introverted Intuition, while INFPs prefer Extraverted Intuition. This explains a conversation I keep having with my INFP husband, I think.

Me: We have X problem. I think we should deal with it by doing Y.
Him: I don't know about that.
Me: Okay, you come up with something you like better if you don't want to do Y. I already came up with a solution.

I, preferring Introverted Intuition, have a "one and done" approach. I have the BEST solution, and don't want to consider others. He would probably prefer to come up with different options (and I, probably, would have to settle on one).

When he gets home, I'm going to test what he thinks of this theory.

What do you all think?

Extrovert Partners Versus Introvert Partners

A lot of times typing websites will say that the best possible match for an introvert is an extrovert (and vice versa). I know a few people in here are in long-term, stable relationships with extroverts as well.

I find this extremely counter-intuitive. I don't think I could deal with someone who couldn't really empathize with or understand my need to withdraw once in a while. I realize that there are extroverts who "get it" intellectually, but it still seems inherently unbalanced, like extroverts and introverts crave and give different things. My boyfriend is (I think, it's been a while since he tested) an INFP, in any case he's at least as introverted as me, probably more so.

So how does it work out for you, those of you in relationships with extroverts? Is it a benefit, a drawback, or just different?

Living Spaces

Since we've had several links on introversion recently, I thought I'd add one more: What does your space say about you?

While interesting, I was kind of put off by this little dig on slide 10--
"Introverts will set up their spaces for their own comfort, but might not even have a spare chair to offer visitors (because, to be honest, they’d rather no one visited)."

Hey, not true! I live alone, and I would love if someone visited. Introverts need company occasionally too! I just need to be in the right mood and know ahead of time so my place is presentable. Admittedly, I have some weird habits because of my constant solitude, though. I have had several people over who commented on my couch because it's flooded with pillows and doesn't look like you can sit on it, but I only put so many pillows on there to keep my cats from laying on the cushions and getting hair all over it which will eventually end up on potential guests! I always say they can move them, but that makes them uncomfortable? Ah, no one gets my logic.

Anyway, thoughts?
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Obligatory Intro

Hello all.  I am "E", and INXJ.  Wake me up, shake me like a magic 8-ball, and wait to see if I come up T or F for the day.  I wasn't always INXJ, I used to be INFJ and over time the F faded back and the T developed.  Now it's a pretty even split and seems to stay this way.  I do find that I appreciate the strengths of having that T-side around to draw on.  I live with my partners, an INTJ male and an ISTJ female.  It makes for some interesting watching sometimes!  None of us likes to go out but once in a while, we all think too much and we're all certain we're right and everyone else is wrong. 

Not really here for much but taking up time and reading along.  I didn't want to be rude and just lurk though.

Theme Songs for Introverts

Ben Folds is one of my favorite musicians. I love most of what he does, but (most of) the lyrics to this song resonate especially with me.

Collapse )

I feel like a quote out of context,
Withholding the rest,
So I can be free what you want to see.

I got the gesture and sound,
Got the timing down.
It's uncanny, yeah, you'd think it was me.

Do you think I should take a class
To lose my southern accent?
Did I make me up,
Or make the face till it stuck?
I do the best imitation of myself.


Last night I was east with them,
And west within,
Trying to be for you what you wanna see.

But I can't help it with you,
The good and bad comes through.
Don't want you hanging out with
No one but me.

Now if it's all the same,
It comes from the same place.
And if my mind's somewhere else,
You won't be able to tell.
I do the best imitation of myself.

Yes it's uncanny to see,
You'd really think it was me:
The best imitation of myself

Share yours, won't you?
House Divided

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For a long time, I have tested as an INTJ, but I have gotten to know myself better in the last year, which means my responses have changed on the MBTI test. I've consistently gotten INFJ for the past few months, and that sounds a little more like me.

I just finished a year in seminary, but have decided to get a graduate degree in Social Work, so I'm taking time off graduate school to apply for that. My interests, to me, sound very INFJ - Social Work, Theology, and I have an undergraduate degree in music.

Hope everything is going well for you!

Constant Meaningful Connections?

Despite having multiple deep and fulfilling friendships (in addition to a deep and fulfilling relationship), I still feel compelled to seek out new people and find other kindred spirits. Even though I still feel fairly introverted and thrive on my alone time—so it's not like I'm a closeted extrovert.

Anyone else relate to this? Why do you think this is—just our natural social nature as human beings?

Careers? Jobs? Careers?

Hi all! It's me again:)

So I have another couple questions, what are your jobs/careers? I know there are some careers that are recommended for INFJs such as becoming counselors/therapists, or teachers...which are wonderful:) I've considered those careers many times. I just have a question, well more like a set, 1. how did you go about choosing your career/job? 2.Did your personality type influence your decision(I mean like did you change your decision after you figured out what type you were vs. before you knew). Or did you choose a career that wasn't necessarily recommended for your type? 3. Did you have any career aspirations as a child? 4. Are you happy in your profession now? 5.What do you like/dislike about your profession? 6. If you are unhappy, what would your ideal career be?

I'm just curious because I've been so wishy washy about my career choice since I was 5. Originally I wanted to do more things that put me in the spotlight, say like an actress, or singer, some sort of performer or entertainer. Where as now that I'm older, I've decided on the routes of either psychology, psychotherapy, or becoming a criminal profiler(thanks to Criminal Minds for inspiring that).

I hope you're all well. :)

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Heya everyone :)

Hey all, it's Sarah.

How are all of you doing this week? The weather has been nice in Northern CA today. For once in a long time, it's been very rainy and cold here lately.

So I have a couple more questions, what do you all think of the schooling system wherever you live? I know for me it has been a challenge because a few years ago I was perfectly fine about going to school, went every day maintained good grades. Until I really started coming in to my own, and discovered my personality type. Now, I'm not saying being an introvert affected my ability to attend school(because it was a multi-factored thing, many things went into it). But it did help me realize why I always felt so uncomfortable in big classrooms filled with 45-50 students. And just dealing with loud noisy people in general, who seemed to disturb what little inner peace I had. I also felt like I was being ignored a lot in school. I had very few friends, and when I tried to answer questions I never got called on. My teachers were very aware of my high intellect, because of my grades but they just seemed to skip over me and call on people who obviously didn't care one way or another about school. Also, I feel like there is a bit too much emphasis on being a star athlete in many schools. I mean think about it, professional athletes get paid millions, if not billions of dollars for games, money that could be spent bettering the education system. I always found that while I was a pretty well rounded student, when it came to algebraic math my logicality wasn't up to par, so it made it a million times harder for me to understand it. I'm not saying I'm illogical, but it does take a lot of logic and patience to deal with Algebra I've found. Possibly why I'm better at geometry because it's more abstract, with all the shapes and stuff, which suits my personality type and way of thinking better. I also found that many students who were not as intellectual advanced as I was got written off as stupid because they couldn't learn things as fast as the rest of the class. They always got skipped over as well, which made me sad. And I also found that the people who goofed off in class(the attention seekers as I called them), obviously always got paid the most attention which inhibited a more calm class environment which could have a better and more productive learning structure.

Anyways, since this post is so lengthy and is getting a bit too "me" centered, again I ask, how do you feel about the schooling systems where you live? What kind of problems did you encounter? Maybe not even problems, just challenges. What did you like and what did you dislike? Were you ever bullied or harassed? (a very common thing in schools nowadays for nerds, and/or anyone who isn't a sterotypical athlete.)


PS: Sorry if I offended anyone in my last post, that was not the intention.

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