Hi everyone! It's meeeee again!

Hey everyone, it's Sarah again. Back to be annoying. ;)

Anyways, so I'm taking child development as a class in school(just cuz I'm curious), and the bring up the arguement between Nature vs. Nuture. So it got me thinking, and wondering what you all thought on where personality types come from. Like do you think it's is something we're born with? And despite the events we go through in life we'll still remain the same personality type? Or do you believe we're like a blank slate, and as we experience certain events in life it helps shape our personality types, so that when we end up finding what type we are, events had an effect on it. Sorry if this is kind of confusing, my brain is a bit jumbled up considering I haven't slept in a few days, and my emotional state isn't as well as I'd like it to be.

I hope you're all doing well.

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I'm back with another set of questions. :) (sorry if I'm being a bit post whorey, or annoying.:/)

Anyways, it's me again, Sarah.

Okay, so now I have more questions! So some of you said that when you're with some of your introverted friends that you're the more "extroverted" one. And that when you're with your extroverted friends, you are more in the background of things.(paraphrasing). Anyways, so here's my question, what situations do you feel/don't feel comfortable in socially, and what situations do you feel you're more extroverted in vs introverted. Like for me I personally find, I can go out to dinner with my best friend, or my family and be completely fine even with a bunch of people around, and on a more personal level when I'm with my best friend(I'm convinced she's either an ISTJ or ISTP)(also note she's extremely more introverted than I am), that I happen to be the more extroverted one in the situation, like say when we go to the movies together I'm normally the one who orders the tickets and the snacks, and basically deals with all the strange people. But, when I'm with people more like my other friend, (I'm convinced she's an ESTJ) that she's way more outgoing and crazy than I am, while I generally seem like the quiet and reseved girl. Some situations that make me completely uncomfortable are being at parties, big parties with a bunch of people I don't know. It just makes me feel so, lost and out of touch I guess, and it's very intimidating. Also, public speaking is a no no with me. I freeze up, and freak out and have tons of anxiety.


And just for a fun question, what kind of music do you all enjoy here? I personally am a fan of rock(all types except metal and all types of metal within metal). Some pop, some hip hop, and as of late, alternative indie rock with a 60s vibe.

Hope you're all doing well.


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So I'm back with another post. :P You guys literally inspired me.

Alright so after reading all of your lovely comments you got me thinking. I have another question, how do you strengthen your nondominant functions? Like say for someone like an INFJ who has a strong feeling function how do you strengthen your thinking function? And vice versa, also how would you strengthen your perceiving and sensing functions as well? I'm guessing the probably sounds somewhat trivial, but I never knew that not strengthening your nondominant functions was important or could effect your core being. (oh gosh I feel like I'm sounding like an ignorant dumb fuck right about now.) I'm just curious, because I've always been taught that balance is the key to life, and I'd really like to learn how to balance myself out.

Any advice or thoughts on this would be quite useful and helpful, personal experiences would be awesome too :)


PS: Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot or fool right now, I'm really not, I just never thought there were any other way to be, than be me. (oh gosh that came out kind of wrong. :/) Do you get what I mean?
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Hi there :) Just a curious question.

Hi all. I joined this community I'd say 2-3 weeks ago, and I think I finally found a group of people who I can relate to! Anyways here's the question, being an INFJ how do you find you relate to other personality types? I personally find ENFJs are the ones I seem to get along with okay. Not always perfect, but minor issues. I read online that ENFPs and ENFJs normally get along pretty well with INFJs. I find that kind of weird because my mother is an ENFP and we fight constantly, and NEVER I mean literally never get along or agree on anything. I think my dad is one of the Introverted types, but I couldn't be completely sure because he's one of the most skeptical people alive. I have found though that definitly a bunch of my friends are Extraverts, while I'm not. Sure I can go out and handle being around people for awhile, a few hours maybe...but not nearly as much as my Extravert friends. What are any of your personal experiences with the different personality types? I mean I don't know exactly how easy it is for us INFJs to relate to people because as statistics have shown only 2% of the world is, and that's a tiny amount.

Honestly I think RuPaul George put it best "I'm really an introvert masquerading around as an extrovert".

Also, how do you all feel about the perfectionist complex in your personalities? Do you find it does more harm than good, or vice versa?

I hope this isn't too personal.

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(no subject)

"Any girl that can ever do me good I get bored with very easily and any girls that are mean, weird and evil people are the ones that keep me interested and the ones that end up destroying me." --John Frusciante

I've been feeling this recently about the men in my life and wondered if it was an INFJ thing. What kind of self-preservation instincts do you guys have towards relationships with the obvious potential to turn out badly? Do you over-analyze every possible outcome before pursuing a relationship?

INFJ and Gift giving

Hi everyone, I used to post on the old lj site for those of you who remember me.
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But my main reason for posting is that on Christmas my dad made a comment that made me think. it was "You always get a present for everyone that they will like even on a budget" and for me It inst worth it getting anyone a gift unless I know they are going to enjoy it. I honestly rather not get them a gift at all then have them hate it. and then i was thinking that maybe it had to do with being INFJ b/c of our great care for others and how they feel and maybe perfectionism...
Ideas thoughts
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INFJs and Personal Style

Kind of an odd question, but I'm curious: As INFJs, what is your relationship with clothing, fashion, and personal style? I know lot of how anyone dresses comes down to workplace environment (work at home? have a uniform or a really strict dress code?), body image, nation, region, and culture, but maybe you've at least thought about it following hypothetically.

Is having a sense of style important to you and your sense of identity? Do you think you have a cohesive personal style? (And if not, are you looking for one?). Do you have any specific preferences about clothes regarding comfort, color, texture, or emotional association? Do you enjoy putting together outfits, or are clothes just something you put on every morning (or maybe not?) because society expects you to?

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So what about you? Do you think different types approach clothes and dressing differently?
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Stepping out of the shadows of lurking

 Hello fellow INFJ's,

How do you deal with people who display T preferences in comparison to your F in a working environment? I have a supervisor (likely ISTJ, based off my observations) whose preference for T is so high that it affects our communicating with each other. I have tried googling around and looking at some of the forums, but all I found were T and F anecdotes in regards to relationships. Any insights, personal experiences, advice etc, would be greatly welcome.


INFJ here :) Introduction

I have been a member of livejournal for a number of years and this is the first time that I have ever added a friend...lol.  That should say something right?  I am a graduate student (non-trad, 37 years old) in counseling.  I'm starting to learn a little bit about using the empathy thing to an advantage rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.  I will tell you though that this personality type needs recoup/ self care time.  I am a total hermit.  I feel bad about it sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like there's something wrong with me that I want to stay in all the time.  I need time to just 'be' but I do like having friends.  I feel like I don't have friends even though I get along well with everyone at the office and everywhere else I go.  I don't hang out with them after work.  I love spending time with my horses.  I relate really well to my clients at my job in mental health but then I HAVE to have time to relax and release all of their 'stuff' that gets trapped.  Does this make sense?  Gosh, I really wasn't aware as to how rare this personality type is but I believe it! :)  Has anyone else heard of something called the Highly Sensitive Person ( http://www.hsperson.com/ )?  I became aware of this when reading one of those little 'on the side' boxes in a Behavioral Science Stats class text book.  I read through the web-site and ended up with several books.  It's me... .for sure.

I'm glad to find this community. :)  And now I realize there's a 'friends page' or something... I've posted some weird stuff in the past probably because it's usually just me reading it...lol.
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Am I being paranoid?

I'm currently a graduate student at a well-respected institution. I try to be friendly with my fellow students, and during class I feel like I get along with others quite well. I'm also "facebook friends" with most of my classmates. But outside of class, my classmates never invite me to do things with them, and I see them inviting along everyone else to go out, come to their parties, etc. I feel like people just think I'm an odd person. A professor just told me she could tell I have a really difficult time relating to other people, which made me feel sort of bad, because I care very deeply for people, but I feel as though I'm often misunderstood as cold, or awkward, or blunt. It's true I don't need other people, but I do like their company sometimes... what can I do to come across as more friendly and warm? I'm stumped.

I just feel as though whenever I open my mouth, people stare at me, mouths agape, and just look at me like I'm strange. Am I being paranoid or has this happened to any of you?