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For Myers-Briggs type INFJ and their friends
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For INFJs and their friends.
Welcome, INFJs, to your community! The idea is to discuss how being INFJ affects us, to find similar people who can share and identify with your experiences and questions, as well as simply to socialize.

While I hardly think INFJs even need to be told this, please be kind and considerate. If you are posting very mature or controversial content, please put it behind a cut and give some sort of brief explanation of what might be offensive, so people can decide whether to read on. (Don't forget to accurately use LJ's rating system, too!) Also, please make use of the tags, which give a bit of info and also make the community eminently more searchable. :)
Discussion is encouraged, debate is respected, but attacks (flaming/trolling/hostility) will not be tolerated. That said, please be tolerant of viewpoints that differ greatly from your own. We don't all have the same lines, and sometimes the lines can seem to be worlds apart. If people are acting out of and with goodwill, respect that, even if you can't respect the content of what they are saying.

Again, INFJs are known for going out of their way to be reasonable and non-offensive, so I don't really think there will be issues, but, if you do have them, contact me at jenny_evergreen at livejournal . com.

We encourage you to post an introduction, ask questions, make observations, and enjoy the good company of your fellow INFJs!

A note to members from your friendly admin: Just so everyone knows, I have the community on my main LJ feed and check LJ at least daily and usually several times a day. Please give me 24 hours to get rid of spam that gets posted before contacting me. There's only one of me and many of you and that's a lot of messages very quickly otherwise! Thanks!

Social capital

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